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Enrollment Steps

To get admitted, please do the following:

  1. If you are planning on pursuing a degree or certificate, explore the options available to you. Please note: Not all degrees and certificates are offered at every college.
    1. Explore Careers, Fields of Interest and Education Programs at
    2. If you are planning to determine your eligibility for Federal Student Aid, it is important that you select the appropriate degree or certificate. You can receive financial aid only for those courses which are required for your degree or certificate.

      Learn More About Financial Aid Course Applicability

    3. If you are planning to take college courses at SMCC to transfer your credits back to another Maricopa Community College that offers your degree or certificate program, please select “Take a Class” (not pursuing degree/certificate).
  2. Complete the admissions application. If you have applied in the past or taken classes, please use the Returning Student Application. You will select your college and the degree or certificate you plan to pursue when completing the application. If you are not pursuing a certificate or degree and taking classes, you will only choose your college of interest.
  3. Provide proof of identification during the online application process. If you are unable to provide your ID via the admissions application, you can also submit it here once you have submitted your application.
  4. Submit your official transcripts for any previous college coursework to South Mountain Community College’s Admissions, Records, and Registration Office.
    1. ATT: Admissions, Records and Registration, 7050 S. 24th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85042
    2. Email to request your previous college courses be evaluated for transfer credit after they are received.
    3. Evaluations for transfer credit are typically completed within 2-4 weeks. No hand-carried records will be accepted.
  5. If you will be paying for college using Federal Financial Aid, start the process.

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Please note: If you started your application more than 48 hours ago, you will need to start a new application.

You may also contact the Admissions, Records, and Registration office at the college you plan to attend. Each college may have alternative ways for you to complete and submit your admissions form (English version | Spanish version).

We recommend you write down the following information:

Important reminder: Your Maricopa student email ( will be active as soon as you are admitted to a college.


Complete Tasks in Student Center

After you successfully get admitted, you may have additional tasks to complete. To view your tasks, log in to your Student Center.

If you are new to college, you may have tasks in your Student Center to determine course placement or attend New Student Orientation and seek initial academic advising.

Determine Placement

Maricopa Community Colleges offers multiple ways to identify the proper courses for your success. To get started with this step, visit Assessment and Placement to find out how to submit placement documents or take online placement assessments.

If you have taken college-level English, math, or reading courses at a previous college or university, ensure your official transcripts have been sent to your college of interest. You may not need to determine placement based on your previous coursework.

We Can Help!
Testing Services, Technology Center (TC) Building 2nd Floor, TC243
Phone: 602-243-8188

Set Up Initial Academic Advising & New Student Orientation

If you are new to college, you will need to attend a New Student Orientation session within your first semester. Select your college below to learn about its specific New Student Orientation sessions:

Continuing, Returning or Transfer Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment with an academic advisor based on their Field of Interest (FOI).

We Can Help! Please contact us from your official student email (

New Student Orientation
Phone: 602-243-8337
New Student Orientation Appointments

Academic Advising
Field of Interest Advising appointments 


Register for Classes

If you know the classes you need to take, then do the following:

  1. Use Find a Class to search for your classes and select “Open Classes Only.”
  2. Keep track of your courses’ section numbers for adding classes.
  3. Add classes in your Student Center to get registered.

If you don’t know the classes you need to take, do one of the following:

  1. Attend New Student Orientation (as a new student) 
  2. Review advising notes from your Academic Advisor
  3. Use your Degree Progress tool in your Student Center 
  4. Schedule a one to one appointment with your Field of Interest (FOI) academic advisor

Then, follow the steps to register for classes.

Once you have registered for your classes, you will be able to view your tuition rate classification in the Student Center. The tuition rate is determined by the submission of your ID and other supporting documents. For more information, go to Residency Information.

Register for Classes

We Can Help! Please contact us from your official student email (

New Student Orientation
Phone: 602-243-8337
New Student Orientation Appointments

Academic Advising
Field of Interest Advising appointments 


Pay Tuition & Fees

After you have registered for classes, you need to make payment arrangements.

If you do not pay the balance of your tuition and fees by the due date, you will not be able to register for any additional classes or receive your transcripts. To check the due date of your tuition and fees, go to your Online Student Center.

You can explore ways to make payment arrangements at Be sure to monitor your Student Center for the current tuition balance.

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