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Dual Enrollment


Did you know Dual-Enrollment allows you to earn college credits while still attending high school? This head start on a college education can help you save money and finish a college degree at an accelerated rate. Taught by qualified teachers at your high school, Dual-Enrollment classes are convenient and practical and can significantly improve your chances of graduating from college. Better yet, upon graduating from SMCC you are transfer-ready to complete your Bachelor’s degree at any other accredited institution of higher learning.

So, why not get credit for a class you’re already planning to take?

Become a Student

There are four steps to become a Dual Enrollment student:

STEP 1: Apply for admissions

If this is your first time taking a course from South Mountain Community College, you will need to create your MEID and apply for admission to have access to classes and services.

STEP 2: Take Placement Tests

South Mountain Community College accepts several different tools for placement into our courses. You can review all of the placement options on this website.

Due to COVID-19 we are unable to administer testing services in person. 

If you would like to be contacted to discuss the course placement options, please email or call 602.243.8188 to discuss your options with a Testing Services team member.

STEP 3: Register for Dual Enrollment Classes

Visit your high school counselor to see which dual enrollment courses are available at your high school.  Print and complete the registration form (link to dual enrollment registration form) and return it to the SMCC Liaison on your campus.

Include your unofficial high school transcript and test scores.

STEP 4: Pay tuition and fees

You can check your class registration status, find out how much tuition you owe when it’s due, and even pay for your classes all in the same convenient place online: your Student Center (link to student center).

A quick note on residency, until you establish your in-state status with SMCC, out-of-state tuition rates will apply. Learn more about how to establish Residency and Arizona Proposition 300 (link).

Tuition can be paid online through the student center, in person or by phone. More information about payment options (link), including the tuition payment plan (link), is also available.


Now that you have successfully completed the registration process, you are getting a head start on your future! The courses your will be taking can be applied to a two or four-degree. We cannot wait to help you realize your dreams.



Who can participate in Dual Enrollment?
Dual Enrollment is open to high school juniors and seniors, and in some instances, underclassmen may be eligible to enroll.

How do I enroll?
High schools will distribute Dual Enrollment information, including how to apply for admission, testing requirements, and registration forms. Students should ask their high school counselors for more information.

What does tuition cost?
Current in-county tuition is only $86 per credit hour.* Tuition is more affordable at a community college than at public or private colleges and universities. Qualifying students may receive tuition assistance based on financial need.

*In-county tuition is subject to change; $15 registration fee is required.