Return to Work

Return to Workplace Training

Return to Workplace Training

All employees have been automatically enrolled in the Return to Workplace Training plan in the Employee Learn Center. Employees should have received an email with the direct link to the training.

If you have not yet completed the training you should have received a system reminder on August 2. Once the training is complete it will display on your ELC transcript and trigger an email notifying your supervisor.

Access your Employee Learn Center

The Return to Workplace training provides an overview of requirements including but not limited to:

  • Beginning Mar 21, individuals are encouraged to wear face coverings AND practice physical distancing in all indoor spaces.
  • Employees must review the COVID-19 Self-screen Assessment each day prior to going on campus. The assessment does not need to be physically completed or submitted.
  • Individuals must report confirmed cases of COVID-19 and potential exposure through the Risk Management reporting forms.
  • Accommodation requests should be submitted to your local Human Resources Office.

Maricopa Community College Risk Management Dashboard

Guide for Returning to the Workplace

Please note: For the PDF documents below, we are in the process of improving their accessibility for the visually impaired.

Cleaning and Disinfecting


MCCD Covid19 Reporting Tool

The Critical Incident Management Team, a cross functional team representing SMCC faculty and staff employee groups, developed recommendations prior to returning staff to campus and re-establish services while focusing on safety, health, and wellbeing of our employees, students, and campus visitors. The team established (6) areas of focus to organize task force groups and identify specific recommendation in the following areas.

  1. Prepare the buildings
  2. Prepare the workforce
  3. Social distancing protocols
  4. Classrooms, Content, IT Systems
  5. Health Safety checks and access control
  6. Reduced touch-points and increased cleaning

SMCC aligned their planning to ensure compliance with all MCCCD Covid-19 mandates and procedure recommendations; masks, social distancing, health/safety protocols, etc. Return to campus plans are subject to change as MCCCD, local and national health/safety trends indicate an increased risk to the campus community.