Copy Center and Mailroom

Copy Center and Mailroom

The Property Control and Receiving services are now being performed by Pacific Office Automation (POA), and will be tied in to the Copy Center / Mailroom Operations.

You may continue to use the last 6 digits of your Empl ID at the copy machines until September of this year.

For additional information, please contact

Digital Copying

  • High-Speed B&W Copying
  • Faxes
  • Personal Copying
  • Full Intercampus & U.S. Mail Services
  • Full-Color Copies
  • Transparency
  • Electronic Request
  • Pick-up & Delivery
  • Full Range of Color Paper
  • Cutting, Folding, 3hole punching, & Binding
  • Convenience Copier Support
  • Additional Services Off-Site

Mail Runs

  • Monday - Friday: 10am & 2:00pm

Special delivery is available upon request. Walk-up service in the copy center is always welcome. For questions on using these additional services, please contact your copy center representative at 602-243-8171