Welcome to South Mountain Community College (SMCC) and the exciting community of eLearning faculty. We know when faculty teach online you may feel disconnected from the college and not sure where to turn for resources and information. We do not want that to happen because we want you to enjoy your experience and become a long-term member of our SMCC family.

This website has been created for you, our eLearning (online and hybrid) faculty to keep you informed and connected to the resources you need. If you have additional recommendations, please email the eLearning Committee at elearning@southmountaincc.edu.

The purpose of this eLearning website is to help:

  1. Define eLearning course formats and clock hours
  2. Support for eLearning faculty
  3. Expectations of eLearning faculty
  4. Define eLearning processes
  5. Assess eLearning courses

Thank you for your time and expertise and contributing to our students’ success!

The Mission of eLearning

The purpose of eLearning is to help fulfill the college’s commitment to providing quality and flexible education opportunities for learners to attend traditional courses and offer learning environments that foster student development and support productive citizenship in an increasingly global and technological society.


The following e-learning goals reflect the key or “ideal” objectives for continuous program development, review, assessment, and improvement of e-learning standards. Continuous Assessment and Improvement of the Student Learning Environment

  1. Continuous Assessment and Improvement of the Student Learning Environment
  2. Preparation of Students for Online Learning
  3. Support Interactive Learning and “Social Presence”
  4. Promote “Best Practices” for Online Learning
  5. Recognize and support range of delivery formats, including blended, hybrid, and online.