What is eLearning?

What is eLearning?

A very simple definition of eLearning is learning that takes place when the instructor and the student are not always in the same physical space. It may be either synchronous or asynchronous, meaning in real time or not. At South Mountain Community College eLearning courses are categorized as online or hybrid. Both formats may involve the use of technology, learning management system, the Internet, software applications, video and audio files, and other content specific to digital devices. In addition, eLearning courses may include site visits, internships, digital games, and simulations.

Online Courses

Online courses are accessed via the Internet and offered fully online in asynchronous or synchronous formats. All course materials and instruction are accessed via a learning management system.  

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses are a mix of face-to-face instruction and asynchronous or synchronous online instruction and learning. Most course activity is done online, but there are required face-to-face instructional activities, such as lectures, discussions, labs, or other in-person learning activities.

Learning Management System

Instructure Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) adopted by nine out of ten Maricopa Community Colleges. Canvas is a “next generation” LMS, with greater ease of use, and engaging tool that support teaching and learning.