Student Clubs

Student Clubs

To Rule is Easy…Governing is Difficult

Whatever your talents and interests, it’s easy to get involved at South Mountain Community College. There are nearly 20 clubs and organizations affiliated with SMCC’s Student Life & Leadership Office. Did you know that we have a Bilingual Student Nursing Association and a Business Club? Or maybe you want to network with others pursuing the same career, like future educators in Club Teach. There are many clubs to choose from, so get connected! Join an SMCC student organization today – and if you don’t see a club that interests you, start a new one!

Art Club

Field of Interest (FOI): Visual and Performing Arts 

Open to any student interested in art. The club seeks to promote camaraderie and a place of connection between those who create art and those who love art.


Wiley Wallace

Behavioral Health Services (BHS)

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As the Behavioral Health Sciences Club at South Mountain Community College, we strive to serve our community by participating in educational events. We learn from guest speakers and leaders in the field of Behavioral Health and Psychology. As a club, we create a community and a sense of family while learning and supporting each other. As a B.H.S member you will have an opportunity to learn about jobs & career opportunities in Behavioral Health, Psychology, and Social Services.

Mission: The Behavioral Health Sciences (BHS) club is dedicated to promoting understanding of behavioral health issues including but not limited to mental illness, mental health, social services, and careers in the behavioral health sciences through engagement in student life, community service, and leadership development.

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” - Winnie the Pooh


Dr. Thomas E. Rojo Aubrey
BHS Director, Counselor, and Faculty
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Field of Interest (FOI): Culture and Society 


The purpose of the Black Student Union (BSU) is to promote activities of common interest, as well as cultural and educational benefit, for all students.


To provide a vehicle for Black students to gain access to resources that will enable them to:

  • Increase educational knowledge
  • Maximize scholarship opportunities
  • Develop political awareness
  • Expand employment/promotional opportunities
  • Enhance quality of life

In addition, the objective on campus is to continue to promote community and self enrichment by way of community service and volunteerism. The Black Student Union will continue to provide a forum for all students to voice their differences, goals, and ideas. Furthermore, BSU encourages cooperation between its member organizations, the student body and the community as a whole.

We welcome you to come create a warm creative space celebrating togetherness.

Wednesdays, beginning Oct 12
Bi-weekly in person meetings @ 1pm in SU room 106

Benefits of joining BSU:
Gain Leadership skills while developing a shared Black student experience at SMCC. Be a member of planning fun events that students will enjoy, while creating community.

Note- Culture & Society Field of Interest encouraged to participate and to create community on campus.


Azra Mahmood

Shalmeka Sweet

Christian Challenge SMCC

Christian Challenge is a place for you to…

Experience vibrant friendships that are authentic and meaningful. A place for you to be transformed and molded by a Christ-centered community that is concerned with your growth as an individual. Where you can meet other Christian students, who share your similar viewpoints and struggles.  Christian Challenge SMCC is a chapter of the larger Christian Challenge AZ and a national college ministry.

Learn more about Christian Challenge club by checking this Christian Challenge Video

Our Mission

We exist to engage college students with the Gospel, develop disciples of Jesus Christ, and mobilize servant leaders for the church.

Connect with us on Instagram | ChristianChallengeSMCC

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Isola Jones

Ryan Senters

Field of Interest (FOI): Culture and Society 

The goals of this club shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Increase student involvement in all appropriate facets of campus life.
  • Provide an opportunity where students may experience personal, social, intellectual and spiritual development.
  • Present an environment in which intra and interpersonal relationships can be strengthened through interaction among people from all walks of life.
  • Promote American Indian culture to the student body of SMCC.
  • Promote membership of this club to all SMCC students.


Kyle Mitchell

Gerard Begay

Field of Interest FOI: Education 

Provide opportunities for future educators to interact with peers, develop leadership skills, and make a difference in our community both internal and external. Provide an environment for the discussion of teaching and learning. 


Jennifer Avila

Rosemarie Dugi

Steve Puklin

Field of Interest (FOI): Business, Entrepreneurialism, and Management 

Collegiate DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.

Collegiate DECA ICDC Promo Video 2019

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Brian Smith

Field of Interest (FOI): Computer and Information Technology

Dedicated to promoting understanding of computers and information technology including but not limited to coding, software development, and web development through engagement in student life, community service, and leadership development.

Please join us for our next meeting of South Mountain Community College's Ctrl + Alt + Delete Computer Club! The Ctrl + Alt + Delete Computer Club (CADC) is dedicated to promoting understanding of computers and information technology including but not limited to coding, software development, and web development through engagement in student life, community service, and leadership development.
Join the WebEx Meeting:
December 2, 2022 @ 6PM
Meeting number (access code): 2506 125 4350
Meeting password: ZKzCNgyJ625


Komal Chhibber

Students at SMCC have access to a community of people who share their desire to become teachers through Education Rising (EdRising). Additionally, EdRising gives students the chance to use the knowledge they gain from their field experience and education courses in pertinent competitions at the yearly State Leadership Conference. By offering them interesting breakout sessions based on best practices and leadership development, EdRising also provides professional development opportunities and useful applications for students who want to become teachers. If you have a passion for teaching in any way, please join EdRising!

Student Officers:

Student Advisors:

The eSports Club is dedicated to promoting sportsmanship in casual and competitive games played over electronic devices, community by serving fellow students and the educational process through innovative use of eSports technology, and student development through leadership opportunities.


Brian Smith

Field of Interest (FOI): Culture and Society 

The International Friends Club provides a place where students exchanged ideas, cultures, and experiences. 


Dr. Steven Fountaine

MEN Member

The Male Empowerment Network’s (M.E.N.) mission is to improve the retention and degree completion rates of its minority male students. A network formulated to empower the South Mountain Community College male students to succeed on all platforms of their lives such as academics, their career goals, and with their personal goals.

See the Welcome Message from the President of MEN

MEN Member


The Male Empowerment Network’s (M.E.N) mission is to improve the retention and degree completion rates of its minority male students. A network formulated to empower the South Mountain Community College male students to succeed on all platforms of their lives such as academics, their career goals, and with their personal goals.


The vision for the group is to provide support for the M.E.N. students from the start of their academic career through graduation and beyond, and to ensure that they have a bright future that encompasses the fundamental tools needed to lead successful lives.


  • Increase the access, persistence, and graduation rate of minority male students,
  • Connect minority male students with academic and professional support resources, and services.
  • Create a culture of success and empowerment among minority male students via mentoring, training and academic support.
MEN Member


Q: How can I become a member?

A: Becoming a member is relatively easy. First, you must have a sheer will and drive to want to succeed. The M.E.N. support team will help direct and guide you through the process. We are a M.E.N. student club connected to Student Life & Leadership 

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Meeting Schedule

Our meetings are held online Mondays, Feb 7th - April 25th, 1pm - 2pm:

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Phone Numbers: (‪US‬) ‪+1 234-719-3545
PIN: ‪187 258 832#‬


Marlon Liddell

Ralph Thompson
Club Website

Field of Interest (FOI): Culture and Society

MEChA logo

MECHA de SMCC is a latinx student-led organization focused on cultural awareness, community, education, and political activism.

Join our meetings and be part of our community!

Tuesdays – Biweekly Starting October 11, 2022
Learning Resource Center – LRC 138
2:30 pm | In-Person
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Kassandra Alvarez | | 602-243-8170
René Ramon Rosales | | 602-872-7850

Fall 2022:
Oct 25
Nov 1 – Día de los Muertos Decoration Meet (optional)
Nov 8
Nov 22
Dec 6

Spring 2023:
Jan 10
Jan 24
Feb 7
Feb 21
Mar 7
Mar 21
Apr 4
Apr 18
May 2

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Kassandra Alvarez | | 602-243-8170

René Ramon Rosales | | 602-872-7850

Ensures that academic excellence among students is nurtured and a climate of continuing education is maintained. The Alpha Eta Delta chapter coordinates scholarship and service programs based on annual themes, leadership, and fellowship.

Honors- Invite Only - Based on G.P.A. 

International Honor Society of Community Colleges 

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society meets on Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m.

Please join us via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 969 2044 9729
Passcode: 628272

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Visit the SMCC PTK Student Club website!


Carol Smith

Field of Interest (FOI): STEM 


Science + Technology + Engineering + Math = Sustainability

The STEMS club is a student-organized club that brings together students and faculty to accomplish common goals. The club includes all fields of study and encourages creative/diverse minds to come together to achieve anything they think will better our school, community, health, club, or overall world.

STEMS Club meets every other Monday from 03:15 PM - 04:15 PM Dates: 01/24, 02/07, 03/07, 03/21, 04/04, 04/18, 05/02

In person at TC155 or online:

Join the Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 814 3031 2526

News You Can Use

Sustainability Facts:

Did you know that planting shade trees in your yard can save you up to $50 per year on your energy bill by blocking the sun’s rays and reducing your cooling needs?

Did you know that state and federal laws prohibit the disposal of mercury-containing light bulbs and batteries in the trash?

What can you do to be sustainable ?

See the Engineering Lab Presentation - PDF

Want to see all STEMS Club Events? Check out our calendar.  

Questions? Send us an email to our new email:


Anthony Garcia

Carl Whitesel

Suzan Allaham

Field of Interest (FOI): Behavioral Science and Human Services

A student body club for SMCC students to enhance their understanding of civic engagement in Arizona. PAC seeks to give its members an opportunity to more effectively voice their needs and wants for the student/college experience through political views, common interests, innovative ideas and community activism.


Christine Raack

Dawn Thacker

Field of Interest (FOI): STEM

Promotes a sense of gathering among students interested in engineering at SMCC by providing opportunities to interact with others of similar interests.  

Dr. Carl Whitesel

Field of Interest (FOI): Culture and Society

SouthPride supports gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgender, and questioning community along with their support systems. This is a place where beliefs and values are welcomed and respected. 


Dr. Steven Fountaine

Field of Interest (FOI): Health Sciences 

Dedicated to developing cultural awareness, networking within the community, and utilizing the Spanish and English languages to contribute to underprivileged communities by promoting health care services.  


Loida Gutierrez

Field of Interest (FOI): Culture and Society

Our mission is to help club members, SMCC students and the greater South Mountain community through open conversations with people of all viewpoints and walks of life.


Dr. Matt Cooper

Field of Interest (FOI): Culture and Society

SMCC’s Veterans Club welcomes veterans from all branches of the Armed Forces. The club supports veterans by encouraging lifestyle management principles that contribute to success with their academic, community, spiritual, and emotional needs. 


Karla Kovalin

Field of Interest (FOI): Culture and Society

Empowerment, Leadership, Sisterhood

Maricopa Women Rising


WOMEN RISING is dedicated to helping you succeed!  WOMEN RISING is a student success and community based program for women of color.  Students involved in the Women Rising program participate in activities that promote: Empowerment, Engagement, Success, Leadership, and Sisterhood. 

There are two ways to participate in Women Rising: by applying to be a member by application with a Program Advisor, or enrolling in the CPD150: Strategies for College Success | Women Rising Cohort.

WOMEN RISING provides opportunities that support student success through:

  • Bi-Weekly Chapter Meetings
  • Networking
  • Academic and Career Workshops
  • Professional Development
  • Cultural Events and Activities
  • University Transfer Support
  • Leadership Events
  • Mentoring
  • Campus Resources

Women Rising is the Maricopa Community Colleges’ Minority Female Initiative. All of our Meetings are open to interested students!

CPD150: Strategies for College Success- Women Rising Cohort

Want to start your college experience with additional support and guidance?

Be a part of the Women Rising community while taking a required college course! The CPD150: Strategies for College Success-Women Rising Cohort is a strategically designed course that provides additional support and opportunities of an extracurricular college program, in the classroom, earning college credits! The Women Rising Program works closely with your faculty to align our programming with classroom lessons and assignments. We hold bi-weekly meetings during the last hour of dedicated class time connect, empower and engage. Program advisors will be tracking your academic progress while providing resources and assistance throughout the semester.

Have a Question? 

The Program Advisors for the Women Rising Chapter at South Mountain Community College (SMCC) work in the Department of First Year Experience (FYE) and New Student Orientation (NSO). Stop by the Student Enrollment Services (SES) building to learn more about the Women Rising Chapter at SMCC!
MCCCD Women Rising

Women Rising Canvas Course

The SMCC Women Rising Program has an open-enrollment course on Canvas, Maricopa Community Colleges online classroom platform. Find announcements, event schedules, important to know resources and much more! Follow the link to see what Women Rising is doing this semester!