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The Student Government strives to promote and provide programs, services, and events for the students and staff of South Mountain Community College.


  1. Inform students of the Student Government and its mission.
  2. Involve students in the overall planning of Student Life & Leadership Programs.
  3. Provide educational program opportunities throughout the year.
  4. Maintain records of Board meetings.
  5. Maintain the budget of the Board.

2022-2023 Student Government Board Meeting Schedule!

Leadership Opportunity

Each year, Student Life & Leadership Offices throughout the Maricopa Community College District host a three-day retreat designed to strengthen the leadership, life, and wellness skills of students.

This is a great opportunity to meet students from other colleges around the District and learn valuable leadership skills. It is a weekend filled with fun, friends, and new experiences. We encourage all current or hopeful student leaders to apply!

  • Currently accepting applications, please visit the Student Life and Leadership office in the Student Union, or apply below.

Apply Online Now!