Forms and Resources

Forms and Resources

Acknowledgements & Disclosures, Mandatory Training

The courses listed below are located in the Employee Learning Center. You will be automatically enrolled in each course as they become due.

  • Acknowledgements and Disclosures (includes Annual Acknowledgements and Disclosures and Employee Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention)
  • Information Security and Privacy Awareness (includes Level I Ferpa module, Human Firewall, and Data Security Acknowledgement)
  • Preventing Sex Discrimination & Harassment
  • Public Stewardship & Ethics Learning Plan (includes Legal Issues: Public Sector Employment and MCCCD Public Stewardship)
  • FERPA Level II (need to manually enroll if your department requires this course)
  • Cash Handling Acknowledgement (only for Admissions, Records & Registration employees, you will need to manually enroll in this course)

Policies & Procedures

The policies listed below are located in the Employee Portal

Additional Employee Training

MCCCD Guidelines & Procedures

Insurance/Benefits (log in to the Employee Portal for access to these pages)


* Deliver completed form/s to MCCCD Payroll for processing. Be sure to secure your docs with 7-Zip or a password protection program
** Deliver completed form/s to MCCCD Payroll for processing OR complete changes via employee self service in HCM.

Payroll Address: 2411 W 14th St, Tempe, AZ 85281; Fax: 480-731-8405; email: (forms must be sent as a PDF attachment)