About the Writing Center

About the Writing Center


Welcome to the Writing Center at South Mountain Community College! The Writing Center offers free quality tutoring for all enrolled students who need additional assistance with their writing in any SMCC course.

In addition to the Learning Center, we provide academic support to students and faculty both inside and outside the classroom. For students, our experienced tutors offer one-on-one tutorials. Writers learn to become independent by sharing work in progress and making revisions based on collaboration. For faculty, our staff can come to your classes to explain what the Writing Center has to offer, or we can even develop a workshop that is specific to your needs.

The Writing Center is here to help you at all stages of the writing process and offers many services including:

  • generating ideas
  • drafting
  • revision
  • documentation
  • grammar

Our website provides an extension of these services and includes links to many sites and activities designed to support student success.

We encourage you to make an appointment with one of our experienced tutors today!