Enrollment Steps

Steps to Enrollment

Step 1: Apply for Admissions

Get a jumpstart on the application process by setting up a student account online to generate your Maricopa Enterprise ID (MEID)

  • Next, Apply for Admission at each college from which you plan to take Concurrent Enrollment courses online.
  • Please complete a regular application, not the one for Dual enrollment, ACE or Hoop of Learning.
  • After submitting your application online, submit your ID for authentication. 

Note: Your Official Maricopa Student email (google.maricopa.edu) is active once your ID is processed. 

Step 2: Gather Supporting Documentation or Determine Course Placement

A community college in this state shall grant admission to any student who is under eighteen years of age and who achieves at least one of the following:

  • A composite score of 720 or more on the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT).
  • A composite score of 720 or more on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).
  • A composite score of twelve or more on the American College Test (ACT).
  • A passing score on the relevant portions of the statewide assessment.
  • The completion of a college placement method designated by the community college district that indicates the student is at the appropriate college level for the course.

Note: If you will be providing PSAT, SAT, ACT, or statewide assessment documentation, you will be able to upload it to a secure online form outlined in Step 4.

If you need assistance in identifying a college placement method, please contact our Testing Center at testing@southmountaincc.edu or 602-243-8186.

Step 3: Submit Under 18 Financial Responsibility and Consent

As part of the admissions process, and prior to enrolling in courses, all students under the age of 18—except for foster youth—must have consent from a parent/guardian as proof of financial responsibility and consent for approval of text messaging and automated communication.

Step 4: Submit the Special Admissions Application with course information

With the information provided, a member of the Admissions, Records, and Registration team will review your application and process your enrollment request if all requirements are met. 

Once processed, you will be notified of the decision via your Official Maricopa Student email

Step 5: Make Payment Arrangements

The next step is to secure your classes by making a plan to pay your tuition by the due date using one or more of the following options: